Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Jumping Right on This Bandwagon

After seeing Elaine's post on the Mason Dixon KAL this morning, I just had to make one of these coasters for myself. It's such a clever idea, and it turns out great! Very squishy and absorbent. Good timing too--one of our two remaining terra cotta coasters got broken on Sunday, so we really need some new coasters. As quickly as these babies knit up, I'll have a whole new set in no time.

Yarn: Sugar and Cream, Dark Pine (small amount of scrap yarn)
Needles: US size 5
Pattern: Modified Baby Genius Burp Cloth from Mason Dixon Knitting. Cast on 25 stitches and work the pattern until the coaster is square.
Finished size: Approx 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches
Time to complete: 45 minutes, with breaks to move along the laundry

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Some Pics of FOs and WIPs

My Curly Purly scarf in action. Doesn't it look nice against my black wool pea coat? It's pretty, but the texture of the fuzzy acrylic doesn't feel that great against my skin. There may be another scarf in my immediate future, once I get through my current WIPs.

My current WIPs: socks for me and some Elizabeth Zimmermann longies for T

T's slippers. Yes, there are two of them again! Can you tell which one is new and which one has been worn constantly since October? I sure can!

Woozy Cloth. I love this cloth. It was really fun and quick to knit, and it turns out so fab and funky. Plus, it's on the small side, which I really like. I don't like huge dishcloths. They just take up too much yarn and are too bulky for me to handle.

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Monday, January 15, 2007

Warm Little Tootsies, Take Two

Remember these? Recently, while getting groceries, I looked down and noticed that one of T's slippers was missing--bare little tootsie hanging down from the cart seat. I backtracked and looked, but I couldn't find the slipper. I checked the lost and found a couple days later, but they didn't have the slipper. So I have no choice but to make another slipper. Sigh. At least I still have some of the yarn left (not really what I wanted to use it for, but . . .). So that's my knitting mission for today; then I'm back to my regularly schedule projects.


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mason Dixon Baby Kimono

Yarn: Red Heart acrylic, light yellow
Pattern: Heartbreakingly Cute Baby Kimono from Mason Dixon Knitting
Needles: US 6 Knitpicks Options, US 5 DPN for the I cord closure

This turned out pretty well considering I used acrylic rather than cotton. (I'm trying to use up my old acrylic on baby clothes and such.) It does seem a bit stiff, so I'm considering "killing" it to see if that improves the drape. This is a quick, fun pattern, and I think it turns out really cute!

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Introducing My Bookmarks

Some of you have already noticed the long lists of links I posted yesterday. The bookmarks on my browser were getting really, really crowded and disorganized, so I decided to move them to my blog to make them easier for me to find--and to share them with you in the process. I've added a "My Bookmarks" section to the sidebar. The links in that section link back to the posts containing all the patterns, resources, etc. I'll keep adding to the lists, but we can always access them just by clicking on the links in the "My Bookmarks" area in my sidebar. I've still got lots more sorting and transferring (and inevitably more organizing into categories withing categories) to do, but I feel so much better already!


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Links: Knitting Resources, Tutorials, Etc.

Celtic text generator--for chart knitting
Knitpro 2.0--for chart knitting
How to knit an I cord
Applied I cord
Stitch sampler
Knitting stitch patterns
Knit and spin links
Jogless Jog
Crab stitch edging tutorial
Cabling without a needle
Converting from one gauge to another
How much to chart for knitting?
How much would you charge me to make . . . ?
Tidying Up the Edges--Mason Dixon dishcloth
Cuff finishing technique (for longies)
Knitting tensions/gauge
Standard yarn weight system
Baby size chart
Practical tips on knitting for babies
No strings attached elastic waistband
Garterlac photo tutorial
How to convert a crochet pattern to a knitting pattern
How to knit with two circulars
Knitting 101 with Lisa and Danielle
Knitting resources
Knitting tips and techniques (a page of links)
Folded picot edge
Random stripe generator
Feather and fan stitch--how to vary length of repeats
Chart reading
Knitting chart maker

Tags for handknit gifts

Cast ons
Channel Island cast on
Another Channel Island cast on tutorial
Magic cast on

Cast off/Bind offs
Sewn cast off

Homemade knitting needles
Handmade knitting needles and toppers
Circular needles
Make your own knitting needles

Koolaid dying
Knitty article
Bev's Country Cottage article
Knitapalooza article

Recycling yarn
Unraveling thrift store sweaters
Recycled yarn tutorial
Recycled Yarn Book

Seaming and grafting
mattress stitch--Knitty article
Horizontal seams
Kitchener stitch
Kitchener--Knitty article

Short rows
How can I avoid the hole?--short rows
Purl short row wrap tutorial
Japanese short rows
Unwrapped technique for short rows
Short row photo tutorial
Yarn over short rows

Socks 101
Toe-up sock
Toe-up sock toe tutorial
Casting on for two socks on one circular needle
Sock calculator
Basic sock chart
Magic cast on for toe-up socks
"Pretty way" of picking up stitches of sock heel
Sock Toe Chimney--grafting technique
Tiptop Toes toe-up tutorial (Knitty)
Making sock blockers from hangers
DIY plastic sock blockers
Sock toes for long big toes
Short row heel tutorial
toes and heels
Short row heel/toe tutorial (from The Blue Blog)


Links: Places to Buy Yarn Online

Links: Items for the Home and Accessories (Free Patterns)

Dishcloths and other kitchen linens
Kitchen set from DROPS Design
Snowflake from Berroco
Candy Cane Pot Holder and Hot Pad (scroll down)
Biscuit blanket
Hand towel
Snow Bird dishcloth from Harvest Moon
Nubbins dishcloth
Basic modular dishcloth
Twin Leaf Lace cloth
Snowflake star (suitable for dishcloth with heavier yarn and larger needles)
Kitchen towel
Fountain Lace dishcloth
Intertwined dishcloth
Vine Lace cloth
Woozy cloth
Easygoing potholders
Back to School cloths from Knitty
4 Corners Dishcloth
Two-Way Dishcloth
Baby fern stitch dishcloth
Lacy mock cable cloth
Dishcloth directory at Knitting Pattern Central
dishcloths by Danielle Cote
Dishcloth boutique (lots of free patterns)
Smariek Knits (blog with beautiful free patterns)

Tissue cover
Korknisse ornaments
Buttonhole Bag from Mason Dixon
Harry Potter bookscarf
Doily coaster
Magic loop stocking
Knitting basket
Sophie felted bag
Tea panties
Swiffer cover
Ballband Swiffer cover

Trees and leaves afghan
Circular mitered square blanket
Feather and fan throw

Pet Items
catnip mouse toy
Knittin' for Kittens
Knitting patterns for pets
Pet bed and blanket


Links: Grown-Up Knits (Free Patterns)

Brooke's Column of Leaves hat
Live Dangerously, Don't Swatch hat (scroll down; start with Nov 21 post and work back up toward top of page)
Jimmy's bulky beanie
Odessa hat
Caliometry from Knitty
Code 88 Hat (scroll down)
Basic earflap hat
Coronet from Knitty
Wedding ring ear warmer
Double knit cap
Circular Prime Rib in two colors
Circular Prime Rib
Feather and fan hat

Brooke's Column of Leaves scarf
Karaoke cable scarf
My So-Called Scarf
Dulaan scarf
Curly Purly scarf
Feather and fan scarf

Mittens and gloves
Urban Rustic Gloves from Knitty
Sideways mittens
Twin rib fingerless mittens/wrist warmers
Basic mitten recipe
Hogwarts house gloves
Gifted mittens and scarf
Basic fingerless mittens
Cable cuff mittens

Thick house socks
Two Needle Socks
Worsted weight socks
Sock calculator
Shetland Lace Rib Socks
Basketweave Ribbing Socks
More Fun Than Cables Socks
Basic sock chart
Cuff-down short-row-heel socks
Generic toe-up socks
Two needle socks (Seabury socks)
Cable socks
HJS Studio generic sock pattern
Diamante from Knitty
Sox on 2 Stix from Knitty
Thuja from Knitty
Very detailed Toe-up sock pattern
Feather and fan socks
Tube socks
Simple Trekking Socks by Mim
Aurelia Socks
Snake River Socks
Perfect Knee Socks
Suzi's Basic Socks
Wyvern Socks

Fjord felted slippers
Chenille slippers
Family of felted slippers
Fuzzy Feet from Knitty

Sweaters (long or short sleeve)
The Perfect Sweater from Mason Dixon
Tempting from Knitty
Top-Down Raglan Pullover Calculated by the Percentage Method
Circular shrug
Rosebud from Knitty
Lucie from Knitty
Raglan Cardigan from the Top Down

Shawls, shrugs, and other lacy garments
Convertible from Knitty
I Do from Knitty
Shimmer from Knitty
Shawl I must knit! (not a free pattern, but I don't want to lose this idea . . . )
Feather and Fan Shawl
list of rectangular shawl links
list of triangle shawl links
DROPS scarf in a wavy lace pattern
Luna Moth shawl

Peekaboob nursing tank top from Knitty


Links: Baby and Kid Knits (Free Patterns)

Lots of free patterns found here

The Great Wool Soaker Parade
Updated Aubrey Doodlepants pattern
Curly Purly soaker
WW soaker calculator
Triangle soaker
Down Under diaper cover
Tiny Birds Organics soaker
Fern & Faerie free soakers
Mehndimama soaker
Tierra-Verde soaker
Warm Heart Woolies PlainWrap
Ottobre soaker
Jenny's soaker
Tiny Birds Organics longies
Punk Knitter's soaker
1932 Ribbed Soaker
Cargo from Knitty
Tickle Turdle wrap (crocheted)
Tabitha's Crochet Wrap Soaker (crocheted)
MiaLa 3 Outta 1 wool diaper covers (sewn, not knitted)
Bum Wrap butt sweater (sewn)
Frugal Baby bum sweater (sewn)
Sweater pants (sewn)
Butt sweater (sewn)

Wonderbag (wool wet bag for cloth diapers)

Sock style booties from Baby Center
Circular seamless baby booties
Cabled booties
Christine's booties
Infant felted mocs (crocheted)
Daisy stitch booties (crocheted)

Family of felted slippers

Mini Basketweave Toddler Socks
"Baby Keep Your Socks On"
Great Baby Sock Pattern
Basic Opal baby sock (scroll down)
Opal kid's sock
Striped Rib Sox
Baby to Toddler Sized Socks
Ribbed Lace Toe-Up Baby Socks
Feather and fan socks
"Little 16" Newborn Socks

Bamboozle Bambino Sweater from Crystal Palace
Seamless neck-down cardigan
Baby cardigan
Pisolo cardigan (crossover front like Mason Dixon baby kimono)
Easy Baby Cardigan
Devan cardigan from Knitty
Lutzling sweater
Opal baby sweater
Oma sweater (not a free pattern, but I love this knit--find this knitting booklet)
Daisy cardigan
Tater's cotton cardi
Seamless raglan baby cardi
EZ Baby Surprise Jacket cheat sheet (not the actual pattern)
EZ Baby Surprise Jacket modification ideas (not the actual pattern)
Five-rectangle sweater
Baby cardigan
Made with Love sweater
Reid from Knitty
Weasley sweater
Mitered baby jacket
Bunny Hop Side Wrap
Lacy crochet top
Great BSJ ideas

Bunny Beanie from Baby Center
Cable and seed stitch hat
Pumpkin hat
Baby earflap hat
Tassel hat
Holly hat
Dulaan hat
Tiny tot helmet
Anna's angel hat
Baby hat with leaf edging
Heart lace beanie
Miss Dashwood from Knitty
Rose of Sharon hat
Maple Seed hat
Knut hat

Sets (include hats, booties, maybe sweaters)
Feather pattern hat and booties
Jimmy's baby bootie set
Jimmy's baby gift sweater set
dress, bonnet, and socks from DROPS Designs
Made with Love layette
Pea Pod Baby Set

Mittens and Gloves
No swatch mittens for kids
Thumbless baby mittens
Basic mitten recipe
Gifted mittens and scarf
Buggy mitts
Basic Top-Down Mittens
Basic Cuff-Up Mittens

Sleeping bag
Hooded bath towel/blanket
Footed leggings
Bunting bag from DROPS Designs
Anouk dress from Knitty
"Baby legs" photo tutorial (sewn, not knitted)
Pacifier holder (crocheted)

Pocket creatures from Knitty
Nautie creatures from Knitty
Fruit and veggie rattles
Kate the Cat from Knitty
Air Bear from Berroco
Sheldon the turtle from Knitty
Tucker the Monkey
Teddy Bear/Pussy Cat
Rainbow Babies (pdf)
Mother Bear Project bear

Pinwheel baby blanket
Moss stitch diamonds blanket


National De-lurking Week

It's National De-lurking Week! I just read a post about comments on Abigail's blog, and it pretty much sums up how I feel about comments, so read here!

I have some WIPs going, but nothing really worth posting pics of yet. I decided that I'd like to try to find some ways to use up my stash of acrylic (from back in the day when a) I had no money and b) I hadn't yet become hooked on natural fibers). There are some patterns I'd really like to try, but I don't have the extra money at the moment to buy the yarn I'd really like to knit them up with, so I think I'll use my acrylic for some test pieces. They're mostly baby items, and I'm sure I know some moms who would appreciate the easy care of acrylic, so it's all good. I get some knitting time in, I get rid of my acrylic, and friends and family members get some handknits they won't be afraid to use (hopefully). On that list of test knits is the Mason Dixon baby kimono (already in progress in pastel yellow Red Heart acrylic) and the February baby sweater from EZ's Knitter's Almanac.

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Loom Knitting Links

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Well, It's Done, Anyway

After much mind changing and frogging and sighing, I finally have a finished scarf. I must've started a new pattern and then decided I didn't like it, for whatever reason, and frogged it about half a dozen times. I think this yarn would've been pretty useless if I'd frogged one more time. It was starting to get really uneven and bumpy--so the scarf looks a little wonky in places too. The scarf is nice, but I'm not in love with it. It's pretty, it was easy, but most of all--it's done. I needed a scarf, since it's finally starting to get chilly here in Michigan. (It's about time!) There was a distinct nip in the air when I stepped onto the porch this morning to get the paper. I ended up doing the Curly Purly dropped YO scarf. I cast on 23 stitches and used size 10.5 needles.

I decided to keep the mistake rib ear warmer/headband I made back when I thought I'd have a mistake rib scarf to go with it. The headband and the scarf won't match, but hey, I like the headband, so I'll just deal with it. (Plus, I'll probably wear the headband only occasionally anyway).

In other knitting news, I'm trying to learn to knit continental. I've been a "thrower" ever since I learned to knit as a small child, but it seems, according to many of the people in the message boards I frequent, that continental is faster. After trying it, I think it also seems more efficient, with less wasted motion. I'm all for that! Sounds like continental makes colorwork easier too, so if I ever want to try colorwork--which I probably will someday--this will be a nice skill to have. I tried knitting continental every so often on the Curly Purly scarf, and I'm beginning to get comfortable manipulating the needles, but I'm still trying to figure out the best way to hold the yarn to keep the tension even. I have trouble with the yarn either being too loose or with it all of a sudden not flowing off my finger at all. I'll keep trying.

Back to my socks. Last night I also cast on a Mason Dixon baby kimono just for fun.