Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Links: Baby and Kid Knits (Free Patterns)

Lots of free patterns found here

The Great Wool Soaker Parade
Updated Aubrey Doodlepants pattern
Curly Purly soaker
WW soaker calculator
Triangle soaker
Down Under diaper cover
Tiny Birds Organics soaker
Fern & Faerie free soakers
Mehndimama soaker
Tierra-Verde soaker
Warm Heart Woolies PlainWrap
Ottobre soaker
Jenny's soaker
Tiny Birds Organics longies
Punk Knitter's soaker
1932 Ribbed Soaker
Cargo from Knitty
Tickle Turdle wrap (crocheted)
Tabitha's Crochet Wrap Soaker (crocheted)
MiaLa 3 Outta 1 wool diaper covers (sewn, not knitted)
Bum Wrap butt sweater (sewn)
Frugal Baby bum sweater (sewn)
Sweater pants (sewn)
Butt sweater (sewn)

Wonderbag (wool wet bag for cloth diapers)

Sock style booties from Baby Center
Circular seamless baby booties
Cabled booties
Christine's booties
Infant felted mocs (crocheted)
Daisy stitch booties (crocheted)

Family of felted slippers

Mini Basketweave Toddler Socks
"Baby Keep Your Socks On"
Great Baby Sock Pattern
Basic Opal baby sock (scroll down)
Opal kid's sock
Striped Rib Sox
Baby to Toddler Sized Socks
Ribbed Lace Toe-Up Baby Socks
Feather and fan socks
"Little 16" Newborn Socks

Bamboozle Bambino Sweater from Crystal Palace
Seamless neck-down cardigan
Baby cardigan
Pisolo cardigan (crossover front like Mason Dixon baby kimono)
Easy Baby Cardigan
Devan cardigan from Knitty
Lutzling sweater
Opal baby sweater
Oma sweater (not a free pattern, but I love this knit--find this knitting booklet)
Daisy cardigan
Tater's cotton cardi
Seamless raglan baby cardi
EZ Baby Surprise Jacket cheat sheet (not the actual pattern)
EZ Baby Surprise Jacket modification ideas (not the actual pattern)
Five-rectangle sweater
Baby cardigan
Made with Love sweater
Reid from Knitty
Weasley sweater
Mitered baby jacket
Bunny Hop Side Wrap
Lacy crochet top
Great BSJ ideas

Bunny Beanie from Baby Center
Cable and seed stitch hat
Pumpkin hat
Baby earflap hat
Tassel hat
Holly hat
Dulaan hat
Tiny tot helmet
Anna's angel hat
Baby hat with leaf edging
Heart lace beanie
Miss Dashwood from Knitty
Rose of Sharon hat
Maple Seed hat
Knut hat

Sets (include hats, booties, maybe sweaters)
Feather pattern hat and booties
Jimmy's baby bootie set
Jimmy's baby gift sweater set
dress, bonnet, and socks from DROPS Designs
Made with Love layette
Pea Pod Baby Set

Mittens and Gloves
No swatch mittens for kids
Thumbless baby mittens
Basic mitten recipe
Gifted mittens and scarf
Buggy mitts
Basic Top-Down Mittens
Basic Cuff-Up Mittens

Sleeping bag
Hooded bath towel/blanket
Footed leggings
Bunting bag from DROPS Designs
Anouk dress from Knitty
"Baby legs" photo tutorial (sewn, not knitted)
Pacifier holder (crocheted)

Pocket creatures from Knitty
Nautie creatures from Knitty
Fruit and veggie rattles
Kate the Cat from Knitty
Air Bear from Berroco
Sheldon the turtle from Knitty
Tucker the Monkey
Teddy Bear/Pussy Cat
Rainbow Babies (pdf)
Mother Bear Project bear

Pinwheel baby blanket
Moss stitch diamonds blanket



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