Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Links: Knitting Resources, Tutorials, Etc.

Celtic text generator--for chart knitting
Knitpro 2.0--for chart knitting
How to knit an I cord
Applied I cord
Stitch sampler
Knitting stitch patterns
Knit and spin links
Jogless Jog
Crab stitch edging tutorial
Cabling without a needle
Converting from one gauge to another
How much to chart for knitting?
How much would you charge me to make . . . ?
Tidying Up the Edges--Mason Dixon dishcloth
Cuff finishing technique (for longies)
Knitting tensions/gauge
Standard yarn weight system
Baby size chart
Practical tips on knitting for babies
No strings attached elastic waistband
Garterlac photo tutorial
How to convert a crochet pattern to a knitting pattern
How to knit with two circulars
Knitting 101 with Lisa and Danielle
Knitting resources
Knitting tips and techniques (a page of links)
Folded picot edge
Random stripe generator
Feather and fan stitch--how to vary length of repeats
Chart reading
Knitting chart maker

Tags for handknit gifts

Cast ons
Channel Island cast on
Another Channel Island cast on tutorial
Magic cast on

Cast off/Bind offs
Sewn cast off

Homemade knitting needles
Handmade knitting needles and toppers
Circular needles
Make your own knitting needles

Koolaid dying
Knitty article
Bev's Country Cottage article
Knitapalooza article

Recycling yarn
Unraveling thrift store sweaters
Recycled yarn tutorial
Recycled Yarn Book

Seaming and grafting
mattress stitch--Knitty article
Horizontal seams
Kitchener stitch
Kitchener--Knitty article

Short rows
How can I avoid the hole?--short rows
Purl short row wrap tutorial
Japanese short rows
Unwrapped technique for short rows
Short row photo tutorial
Yarn over short rows

Socks 101
Toe-up sock
Toe-up sock toe tutorial
Casting on for two socks on one circular needle
Sock calculator
Basic sock chart
Magic cast on for toe-up socks
"Pretty way" of picking up stitches of sock heel
Sock Toe Chimney--grafting technique
Tiptop Toes toe-up tutorial (Knitty)
Making sock blockers from hangers
DIY plastic sock blockers
Sock toes for long big toes
Short row heel tutorial
toes and heels
Short row heel/toe tutorial (from The Blue Blog)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow look at you with all the helpful resources!

4:36 PM  
Blogger Lyndanna said...

I have to tell you, these lists are awesome!

One of these days I'll have to utilize my blog, instead of letting it collect dust.

4:56 PM  
Blogger Kelley said...

I'm glad you're enjoying the links. There are many more where these came from . . .


6:46 PM  

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