Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Real Diaper Week

The Etsy Cloth Diapers street team is at it again! This time we are hosting Real Diaper Week, and our goal is to help bring real diapers to a baby's bottom near you! There will be introductory packages containing everything you need to get started using cloth. Already a cloth user? You'll find packages to boost your stash. Each participating shop has something different to offer, but some of the promotional listings include:

Multi-diaper packs at discounted prices
Easy to use diapers that are 'just like sposies'
Getting started packs
Variety packs
Cloth diapering travel packs with wetbags and wipes
Sew-Them-Yourself kits

Real Diaper week runs September 19-29 (yes, it's a long week--it includes both weekends!) and all the details about who is participating will be available on the team blog on September 18th. Come, visit, shop, tell your friends, and most of all, give your baby real diapers!

This promotion coincides with our new series of posts of information about cloth diapering. Many members of the team are writing the posts, and we hope that our combined knowledge and experience will be helpful for our readers. If there is a topic you would particularly like to see covered, please leave us a comment.

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