Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Roll Call

T's longies. Not far to go now.

My first sock. I can't decide if this yarn is fun or ugly, but I'm having a blast knitting it!

The plans for T's new sweater. It will be an Elizabeth Zimmerman seamless pullover. I haven't decided yet if it will be yoke or raglan, but I've got a good amount of knitting to do before I need to make that decision. You can kind of see what I'm planning from my (very poorly rendered) pencil sketch. I'm no artist (Do you like the different length arms? LOL), but it helps me visualize where I'm going.

I've decided I need to finish these three projects before I start anything new. Think I can stick to that? I've already got a scarf idea that I'm eager to get started on. (I'm pretty unhappy with the scarf I made earlier this winter--see here and here--so I'd like to replace it with something better.) Plus, I have more sock yarn coming in the mail. Oh boy . . .

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Blogger Kim said...

Your sock is further along than mine. I like the color! Keep it up.

7:43 AM  
Blogger Erin said...

I just ordered my first EZ book last week from WM of all places -- Knitter's Almanac. I can't wait for it to arrive! Your longies look great. What yarn are you using? It looks like PF to me. :)

3:38 PM  
Blogger Kelley said...

Thanks, Erin. And you're right! It is Peace Fleece. I'm using the Zarya Fog colorway. I just love PF, especially for nightime longies.

4:11 PM  

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