Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Dutch Baby Dudz Gallery

Tomorrow I will be bringing my first batch of wool soakers to the Hop Scotch Store, a children's shop that specializes in locally handcrafted items. The proprietor tells me that they are working on building up their base of cloth diaper customers and that the items they have in stock are selling very well. I'm so excited! Here are some of the items I'll be stocking at Hop Scotch. (Please pardon the poor lighting in some of the photos. I've noted where color is not accurate.)

(accurate color in last photo above)

(color is actually the same as the navy stripe in the red, navy, and white striped shorties below)

(accurate color in last photo above)

I'm also getting ready to launch my Etsy shop, Dutch Baby Dudz. I have lots more to do before that happens, since I've been focusing on getting items done for the Hopscotch Store. I'm shooting for early September for my first stocking on Etsy. I can't wait! You can check me out here!
This has been taking up nearly all my knitting/crocheting time lately (this and Sockapalooza), so knitting content on the blog has been pretty scarce. Thus, I thought it was high time to share what I've been up to. Wish me luck!

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Blogger CeElle said...

Good luck to you, Kelley! How exciting. I can't wait to see your shop! I can well imagine how busy you have been.

Blessings on this new endeavor!

12:32 PM  

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