Friday, May 18, 2007

Ripple Mania

UPDATE: Photo of actual progress as of 5-19-07 (color is more accurate in the photo below)

I've officially jumped on the crochet bandwagon. I'm a joiner, what can I say? (There is some absolutely gorgeous crochet going on out there! Have you seen this and this and this?) Actually, I'm more experienced with crochet than with knitting, so it's kind of fun to get back into it (though I am most certainly a knitting addict now and would definitely call myself a knitter rather than a crocheter).

A while ago, someone gave me a stash of rather hideous acrylic to use for my charity crafting. I've decided to make it into a ripple blanket and donate it to The Snuggles Project. It will be 36" square when it's done--just right for the largest size snuggle (large doggy size, I think). I'm having fun with it, even if the colors are a little funky and some of the yarn is downright gross (man, acrylic was even worse a few decades than it is now--scratchy and plasticky and probably radioactive LOL).

It's gotten quite a bit bigger since I took this picture, but I'm too lazy right now to take a new one. Soon . . .

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Anonymous Marie said...

Just wanted to say you're doing wonderfully at crochet!

And I'm a 'baby' Christian, my baptism is this Sunday, 6/3 and I'm so excite.

12:27 PM  

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