Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Little Instant Gratification

Long time no post! I've been knitting some little "this-n-thats." I knit some dishcloths for my sister at her request--a Grandmother's Favorite, a cloth of my own design using a basketweave stitch, and a Darrell Waltrip cloth:

I also knit some little coasters using a pared-down version of the Baby Genius Burp Cloth pattern from Mason Dixon Knitting. I love these! They're so simple and quick to make. Here are two of them (I actually made a couple in navy too, but they didn't photograph worth a darn--we've been having really crummy weather for shooting photos):

I have good news to report on the sweater front as well. T's birthday sweater is done! It's all washed and blocked and ready for him to wear to church this morning. It's a week late for his actual birthday, but it's still ready for Easter and for his one-year portrait. Yay! I'll post photos soon.

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