Saturday, December 30, 2006

Three Steps Forward and Two Steps Back

Or, more accurately, "Three Steps forward and Three Steps Back." I started on this mistake rib scarf a few days ago. I'm loving this stitch. It looks great in this yarn. But I'm coming to the realization that I'm not going to have enough yarn to complete my scarf with this stitch. I think if I used a different stitch, I'd probably be okay, but the ribbing "pulls in," so I need more stitches to get a decent width. So . . . it's time for a trip to the "frog pond." But how to get a scarf out of this yarn? (It's Patons Diana, a fuzzy, faux-mohair type yarn, which is discontinued as far as I know.) I have about two skeins--it's been wound into balls, and I don't recall the original weight of the skeins, so I can't even say for sure how much I have unless I actually weigh it. (Hey! Duh! Weigh it! What a novel idea!) Some ideas:

1. Seed stitch (Might look nice but, oh, what a pain to knit!)
2. Leisel scarf (Would it be enough yarn? The pattern calls for one 3.5 oz skein, but it uses 35 stitches on size 8 needles, which is the same as I did for my mistake rib. Maybe the openwork uses much less yarn? )
3. Garter stitch (Booooring! But it might look pretty in this yarn, especially if I use big needles.)
4. Column of Leaves (Again, not sure if it would be enough yarn.)
5. Cameo faggot stitch scarf (Maybe my yarn isn't bulky enough? Maybe this wouldn't look that great with fuzzy yarn? . . .)

Other ideas, anyone?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think i'd end up doing seed stitch...i've done whole blankets in it so i guess i'm used to it. thhe other thing you could do is maybe ad a second color to that one & have a two color longer scarf in any pattern.

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