Thursday, September 21, 2006

Taking a Break

I need a break from my Doodlepants. Being a consummate perfectionist, I just can't let an imperfection slide, and some of the details of these longies were driving me crazy. I'm so sick of frogging and redoing that I could scream. So . . . I'm putting them aside for a while and working on pieces I'm more comfortable with, patterns I've used before. Not that the Doodlepants are hard. I decided to add a crotch gusset by increasing on either side of the center four stitches front and back. It worked really well, actually, but I just didn't like how the increases and the join between the gusset and the leg looked. I was tempted to just frog the entire thing again and start all over (later--much later), but instead I frogged back past the increases and will pick it up from there once I can approach the project fresh again.

So I made a cute little crochet scarf. It took me only a few hours, and it turned out kind of cute. Now I'm working on a pair of Tiny Birds longies in some Wool Ease I have left in my stash. Not the most fabulous yarn, but all my wool is already designated for other projects.


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