Friday, September 15, 2006

Conquering Short Rows!

Wraps/unwraps at marker B. I'm really happy with these. They're nearly invisible.

Wraps/unwraps at marker A. For some reason, this side gave me much more trouble. I think maybe I was wrapping the wrong direction at first. The turning spot for the first short row is really bad, but I got progressively better as I moved up the swatch. The third one (very near the top) is nearly invisible.

The more I looked at the ugly gappy spots where I turned for my short rows in the Doodlepants, the more I hated them. I frogged back to the ribbing and redo the short rows, but I still hated them. I decided to frog the entire cotton-pickin' thing and start over after doing a swatch to practice short rows (above). I finally had some success by following the wrap instructions from a woman on wool_soaker_group and then unwrapping like this on the next row of knitting.

I think I've got it! If my babe stays sleeping for a bit longer, I'll cast on my Doodlepants yet again. Should be smooth sailing now that I've got short rows figured out. The only other think I haven't done before is the kitchener graft for the crotch, and that shouldn't involve frogging if I mess it up. At least I hope not! To be continued . . .



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