Friday, September 01, 2006

The Great Doodlepants Knit Along Begins . . . Sort Of

After watching the mail for a few days, I received my first skeins of Peace Fleece today. I love it! I sat down and wound one of the hanks into a ball, and I could feel that it still has some lanolin in it. Until now, I've only used Patons Classic Merino (which I do really like, but it's nothing "special"), so this is a treat for me. I got Kamchatka Seamoss (above left) and Zarya Fog (above right). It doesn't show up very well in the photo, but both have really cool flecks and details of color. I plan to use the Kamchatka for Aubrey Doodlepants and the Zarya Fog for Cargo.

The Doodlepants knit along with my wool soaker group on Yahoo starts today, but I'll have to join in later. I knitted up my swatch, and I got only 4 stitches to the inch with the suggested needles instead of the 5 stitches the pattern calls for. So I need to go out and buy some smaller circular needles. Bummer! I was aching to get started.



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